Afrofuturism - SAFS 2019

Afrofuturism is the extraordinary combination of science fiction and futuristic themes with elements of black history and culture.
This is a brief exploration of Afrofuturistic motifs in fashion and how it interacts with its surrounding architecture.
Opening and promotional film of the Seoul Africa Fashion Show 2019.

Director/DoP/Colorist: Saulo Aroca
Music: Seohye Kim (IG: @seo.hye.artist )

Seoul Africa Fashion Show 2019
Creative/Fashion director: Rose Mary Manso
Assistant fashion director/designer/stylist: Paris Lee
MUA: Makeup Forever Academy Seoul
Production Assistants: @george.kinuthia @s_ponkles
Models: @peris.kagiri @craznn @mou_wairimu

thank you