HYUNDAI N Day 2022 Film

HYUNDAI N Day 2022 World Premiere

A project I worked on as an assistant director with the cool Gun Kim at StudioParanoid.

Really fun to contribute to the initial brainstorming stage, the ideas for the overall environment design and the transition film depicting Hyundai’s heritage through a kid’s imagination.
It was interesting to see how all our ideas became pieces of a whole.

I learned a lot just by watching the maestro cinematographer Wernd Wondollek
at work and it was a fun shoot with N-Man 

Client: Hyundai N 
Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide
Production: StudioParanoid

Director: Gun Kim (@gunkimfilm)
Assitant Director: Saulo Aroca
Assitant Director: Jindoo Baek
Producer: JaeBeom Ahn
Cinematographer: Wernd Wondollek (@wondocam)
Model:  Bruno Turatti (@bruno.turati)

thank you