Saulo Aroca

Afrofuturism – SAFS 2019

Afrofuturism is the extraordinary combination of science fiction and futuristic themes with elements of black history and culture.This is a brief exploration of Afrofuturistic motifs in fashion and how it interacts with its surrounding architecture.Opening and promotional film of the Seoul Africa Fashion Show 2019. Screenshots Credits – Director/Cinematographer/Colorist:Saulo A.R. (IG: @remgaze @hzelwf) – Music:Seohye …

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Singularity | Logo Design

Singularity is a group dedicated to producing content for entertainment, film and television. The logo design is a play on a different meaning for the name, linking it with the concept of a gravitational singularity The design also subtly incorporates the letter S inside the singularity’s spiral, providing it with a more dynamic meaning.